Natural Range - Baby Bottle

Natural way to bottle feed

Nothing beats breast feeding but if you decide to bottle feed, Philips AVENT called on over 25 years’ clinical experience in baby feeding to develop this new range. The wide, breast-shaped teat has been designed to help your baby latch on naturally.

High teat acceptance

Research shows that 8/10 babies accept our Natural teat instantly, when first introduced to our Natural bottle. Your baby now can combine breast and bottle feeding with ease, benefiting from your breast milk no matter if you are available to feed or not.

No teat collapse

Inside the teat, special comfort ‘petals’ increase softness and flexibility – it won’t collapse, no matter how enthusiastically your baby is feeding, which can happen with other baby bottles.

No colic

There’s even an advanced anti-colic system, venting air into the bottle and not your baby’s tummy.

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*77% of babies accept the Philips AVENT Natural teat instantly – independent home placement tests UK, June 2011