Tips for Rolling Over

  • Usually babies roll from front to back first and this is often by accident. Supervised tummy time will help this to happen.
  • When they first roll they will be excited and will try to repeat the movement. Once they have more control you can place a toy to one side to encourage rolling.
  • Babies often prefer to roll in one direction. Place the toy on the opposite side so that rolling is practiced in both directions. This benefits muscular development.
  • During nappy changing roll your baby towards you by bending his knee and placing a hand behind his shoulder. Place the nappy underneath him and then help him to roll back. Pull to seated as before.



  • During tummy time hold a toy in front of him. Lift it higher as his head control improves. When he is strong enough to lift his chest off the floor, move the toy to the side to encourage weight transfer. This will lead to rolling
  • Place a toy out of reach to one side. Clap and encourage him to roll
  • Remember that babies learn through play. Always have fun, laugh, sing and clap during these activities and always give them lots of praise whether they succeed or fail. You can also share your tips and read advice from other mums by joining Philips AVENT UK on Facebook.