Week 11

Exercise & telling work

It’s a good idea to consider changing your existing exercise programme, or if you’re not that “sporty”, begin a new one - being fit and healthy is always a good thing during pregnancy – see our section on fitness for more info. Changing the subject, you’re entitled by law to paid time off work for all your antenatal appointments and classes, so you may want to let your employer know about your pregnancy now.

What’s happening this week to you?

• As soon as you become pregnant your skin gets extra blood flow – this can give you that amazing “glow”, but sometimes your skin may become dry and blotchy. Try a good moisturiser, and as your skin may be extra sensitive, use a hypoallergenic brand.

• It sounds funny, but make sure you tell your hairdresser that you’re pregnant, as your hormones may affect your hair differently, for instance, if you’re having colouring or a perm.

• You may experience mood swings – yes your hormones are going bonkers, but then pregnancy is a time of momentous change – so go easy on yourself.

• You may still feel very tired, but believe it or not, now is the time to exercise as it will help you carry around the extra baby weight and prepare your muscles for labour.

• By now your appetite may have stabilised, but certain smells may still get to you.

What’s happening this week to your baby?

• Your baby is now growing very quickly and will actually double in size over the next few weeks.

• They will make their first public appearance - if your doctor or midwife uses a stethoscope, you may be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat, their heart rate is between 120 – 140 beats per minute, that’s twice as fast as yours.

• Your baby is now fully formed - fingers and toes have separated and some bones are starting to harden.

• The baby is about the length of your little finger (imagine that!) and weighs about 10 grams

Useful Tips

If you haven’t already, then book your antenatal classes – they can fill up very quickly. Once you’ve sorted them out, you’ll feel that much more relaxed.