Week 13

What’s happening this week to you?

• You may notice that your, ahem, libido improves as your morning sickness recedes. Don’t worry if it doesn’t, it’s just a matter of time.

• Your energy levels should also start to rise. No, really.

• If you have stopped feeling sick you may now feel hungry all the time, so prepare some healthy snacks.

• Although the baby’s birth is still many moons away, your breasts have already started to make Colostrum – this is the first milk that nourishes your baby immediately after the birth, before the mature milk starts to flow.

• In fact, you may even notice that your breasts are growing and may be tender to touch.

What’s happening this week to your baby?

• Although you are probably starting to show – your baby is still teeny – about 7 cm, or the size of an egg.

• If you could look into your womb right now, you would see a completely fully-formed baby. Isn’t that mind-boggling?

• Your baby can turn its head, kick his legs and even swallow.

Useful Tips

Stop taking folic acid supplements now, unless of course, your doctor tells you otherwise. Suffering from chronic heartburn? Some fresh papaya can work wonders.