Establishing a routine

Some babies find it easier than others to settle. Introducing sleep-time cues –  such as darkening the room, singing a certain song or lullaby, or putting your baby into a sleeping bag – can really help. A soother may also help to settle your baby at bedtime. Babies have a strong instinct to suck and a simple sucking action may naturally relax them.


Encourage babies to do the ‘going to sleep’ bit by themselves by saying good night and leaving the room quietly. Return to soothe them if they need it but leave before they’re completely asleep. Gradually, they’ll find it easier to settle themselves on their own. A baby who knows how to go to sleep by themselves nearly always sleeps through the night earlier, as they learn how to settle themselves without anyone else to help. Most babies are ready to sleep through the whole 10 to 12 hour night at around six to seven months.


It can take a bit of time to learn good sleeping habits, but persevere and you’ll see the results.