Your maternity wardrobe

If the thought of clothes shopping when you’re pregnant fills you with horror, don’t worry; although there was a time when all you had was a choice between baggy dungarees or floral smocks. Now, thanks to the 'celebrity' mum – and manufacturers realising that pregnant women still love fashion – looking stylish with your bump is easy.

Where do I start?

Almost everything available on the high street is now replicated in maternity wear so you shouldn’t have to change your style.

Most women start to ‘show’ from 12 to 13 weeks onwards, so this is when you’ll probably want to start shopping for a few essentials. The chances are, you’ll have some basics in your wardrobe that will still be wearable during pregnancy. However – unless they are very stretchy, you may have to go up a size or two as your pregnancy progresses to accommodate what will almost certainly be an impressive increase in your bust size.

If you’re happy to show your bump off, then stretchy vest tops and fitted t-shirts will be fine for the first few months. Team them with under-the-bump jeans or a pair of drawstring khakis for a casual look.

If you work in an environment where you need to look smart, many high street and online stores will have tailored maternity workwear. However, you could probably get away with just mixing and matching the smarter pieces of any main maternity range, which you’ll be able to wear out of work too.

Although the fashion still seems to be for showing off your bump, if this isn’t for you, then don’t feel embarrassed about it. If you want to spend your pregnancy wearing a comfy tracksuit, then why shouldn’t you?!

Stepping out

Although stilettos may be beckoning, be warned; they are not good for you during pregnancy! There’s no denying that they are the obvious foxy choice for footwear, but you won’t feel particularly foxy if you end up with varicose veins and a dodgy back.

This doesn’t mean surgical sandals and sensible lace ups are the only option; kitten heels, low wedges and pumps are on trend and easy to wear.

And don’t forget, if you have to be sensible in style, you can always be a little more adventurous with colour and textiles...